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About Wax4Dads

Welcome to Wax4Dads! Why Wax4Dads? We offer Smartwax® and Chemical Guys car care products, as we believe that busy dads want to protect their investment, their vehicles, even while being a busy dad. Check out our line of products in order to work smart and not hard!

Smartwax® engineers have created a new generation of professional grade, auto detailing products. These products:

  • deliver results,
  • are easy to use,
  • are fast and effective,
  • look amazing,
  • smell great,
  • clean, protect, prolong and enhance the appearance of your auto, truck, motorcycle or boat.

Smartwax® products are formulated using premium ingredients that will not harm nor damage your vehicle. After all, if you love something why would you hurt it?

Smartwax® premium line of auto detailing products is highly effective, safe, and packaged with respect for both your design sensibilities and the environment. Your auto is a reflection of who you are and how you live, so why not live clean and show the world how you shine?

Check out this video that gives you details for each and every product available from SmartWax®: http://youtu.be/OCFpyGKfvnE

We carry the full line of Smartwax®, come by our shop or visit our online store today to stock up! The best part: try one, try all and if you are not completely satisfied you get your money back!* You’ve tried the rest, now try the BEST!

Smartwax® Evolution in car care, born in California, U.S.A. – Now available in 54 countries around the world…

*on any Smartwax® product

Wax4Dads So. Cal Family

Wax4Dads So. Cal Family

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